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Now you can take your Treo and eat it, too

Treo cake

When I had a Treo 650, I loved the thing to death. People express themselves in different ways. For me, I started this blog to talk about the Treo smartphone, Palm OS applications, and mobile news in general. For Lisa Aiken, she baked a cake in the shape of her Treo 755p. I don’t know how to bake, but if there was a Treo or iPhone shaped cake, I’d eat it :-)

Uploading to Flickr using your Treo and MMS

Sara Flickr

For the past few months I have been trying to upload photos to my Flickr account from my Treo 650.  With Flickr, you can upload by email.  A unique email address is assigned to you.  Enter the title of the photo in the Subject Field, and notes in the text field.   Click send, and in a minute or two the photo will appear in your email account.

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Would you read Manga on your Treo?

Akira, Vol. 1

Manga (Japanese comics) has grown in popularity outside of Japan in recent years.  In Japan itself, they have moved from paperback Manga to digital Manga – delivered directly to your mobile phone.   The digital Manga has been modified for mobile phone use – for example, you view one frame at a time, and you have autoscroll-like slideshow functions.  They even have the ability to shake your phone during action scenes – so the “Kapow!” really packs a punch!
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