Project Ares : Develop Palm webOS apps using an app on the web

Palm certainly made a bold move when they decided that the development of applications for the new webOS platform was going to be all standards-based HTML. That means that if you can develop for the web, you can develop for webOS. However, Palm has not been tremendously successful in getting more apps into the Palm community.

Now Palm has released Project Ares, which is a web-based environment for you to create your own webOS apps. You don’t even need to download any SDK (software development kit), just go to the website and get started. The entire thing is hosted on Palm’s server, including a drag-and-drop interface builder. As a developer also get access the following :

- Code editor
- Visual debugger
- Log viewer
- Source control integration
- Fingertip access to the full library of Mojo UI widgets
- Push-button project and scene creation
- Drag-and-drop file upload
- Instant project upload and download for seamless desktop/cloud workflow
- One-click preview of apps in the browser

If you’ve installed the Mojo SDK on your computer, Project Ares also supports one-click launch of apps in the webOS emulator or on the device.

Let’s hope Project Ares brings a new wave of developers to webOS. Apple is still far ahead with over 100,000 applications, and recently even Android reached 16,000 applications. I think Palm needs to start highlighting successful webOS developers — Apple did a great job of hyping up how one-man operations were making tons of money from the App Store, for example.

Visit to sign up.

[ via The Official Palm Blog: Mobile development: of the web, by the web -- and now on the web ]

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