What’s coming from Apple on September 9th?


The invites are out, the date is confirmed — Apple will be holding a special event next week, on September 9th, 2009. Over the past few years, this has been the time that Apple introduces new music products, specifically new versions of their popular iPods. Last year, we got the second generation iPod touch and a super tiny iPod nano. What will we get this year?

We will probably see a new version of iTunes. The speculation is that Apple will integrate social media features into iTunes 9 — how they will do that is still a question mark. A good bet is that The Beatles could (finally) release their back catalogue on iTunes. It sure took them long enough to do it.

What’s (almost) certain is that we will see an improved iPod nano. Certain case manufacturers have already leaked out that there will be a 5th generation nano.

We will probably see a new iteration of the iPod touch. The iPod touch is now essentially an iPhone without cellular (mobile) network support. Everything else is almost the same. Will we see GPS, digital compass and a built-in camera on the iPod touch? I think we’ll get a camera and some sort of HD playback support.

There are a couple of wildcards for next week’s event. Will we finally see the mythical Apple tablet? And will Steve Jobs make a return to the stage in Cupertino?

Stay tuned.

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