Just how good is the camera on the new iPhone 3G S?

before after

I’m sure there are many people (like me) who are debating whether to get the new iPhone 3G S. One of the main features is an improved camera, with higher resolution, autofocus and added video capture capability. But just how good is the new camera compared to the old one? Guy Kawasaki has published some photos on his blog that shows the difference. The new camera produces much sharper and more detailed images.

The video camera is actually pretty good, too. It records video in VGA resolution (640 by 480) but it manages to capture a surprising level of detail. Look at the video below (by Andy Ihnatko) to get a feel of the quality.

Apparently, the iPhone 3G S is even more powerful than advertised : it’s capable of capturing High Definition (HD) video up to 720p resolution. Maybe an iPhone HD is next on the list for Apple?

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