One thousand photos taken on my iPhone


I’ve never owned an actual digital camera, but over the past few years I’ve taken thousands of digital photos. The first device that I had with a built-in digital camera was the Palm Zire 71. It had a very basic VGA-quality camera, just 300K Pixels with 640×480 resolution support. The image quality was so-so but since I had the Zire 71 with me all the time, I could take photos practically everywhere I went.

Since then I’ve had a succession of PDAs with cameras, as well as smartphones. I had a look at my iPhone’s photo album the other day, and found that I had just over 1,000 images in the Camera Roll. Those 1000 photos were taken in a period of one year, meaning an average of 3 a day.

Compared to other smartphones, the iPhone’s camera is strictly in the middle-to-low end. Just 2 megapixels and very limited functionality. With my iPhone always in my hand or in my pocket, though, it meant that I used it a whole lot more.

So what’s in my Camera Roll?
- photos of my family (mostly the kids)
- screen shots of iPhone apps and website
- various parking lot shots (so I remember where my car is)
- traffic jams
- food
- anything goes (landscapes, clouds, events)

I’m constantly amazed by how much of my daily life is captured by my iPhone!

PC Magazine has a great article with pointers on how to take better iPhone photographs, as well as some camera software recommendations.

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