Sprint Centro smartphones get double memory, new colours

While we continue to wait (and wait, and wait) for the new Nova-based smartphones due next year, Palm is still banking on their successful Centro to bring in the dough. Just in time for the holiday season, Sprint and Palm are releasing two new colours for the Centro : “Olive green” and “Vibrant rose”.

The new Centros get double the memory (from 64MB to 128MB) and support external microSD cards up to 4GB in capacity. You also get updated third party software such as Sprint TV, Facebook and Google Maps with My Location feature. You can buy the new Centros from US$80.

I wish Palm would put just a little bit more effort to facelift the Palm OS — it really is looking dated now. While it’s great for “veteran” users, newcomers might compare it unfavourably against other interfaces, even to the Nokia Series 40 phones.