Using QuickPwn for iPhone 2.1 firmware

A couple of days ago I upgraded my first generation iPhone to the new 2.1 firmware. I’m happy with it so far. While I don’t see a major performance improvement, I do appreciate new features like the Genius recommendation engine. I also have not experienced any crashes or slowdowns. All applications work as normal. At the time, since the 2.1 upgrade did not re-lock my iPhone, I chose not to run QuickPwn or the Pwnage tool to jailbreak.

A day later, I realized that I ran into an old problem — the iPhone had problems recognizing the prefix for some numbers in my address book. For example, if a friend’s number is 016 1234567, at times the number appears as +60 16 1234567 which is considered a different number altogether. The reason is because my country is “unsupported”. This is a problem which is easily fixed (I’ll write about it in a future post), but it meant that I had to jailbreak the iPhone to fix it.

After backing up my iPhone to my iBook, I ran QuickPwn. It immediately recognized my iPhone, and by following the simple step by step instructions, I managed to do the jailbreak in about 15 minutes. QuickPwn will ask whether you want to keep your boot up logo (otherwise it replaces it with a pineapple), then prepare the firmware. It will then guide you to put your iPhone into DFU mode. This takes some practice, but with the on-screen guide makes it very easy. After that, QuickPwn will reflash the iPhone firmware and restart.

That’s all there is to it. After the jailbreak, everything on the iPhone was exactly the same except for the addition of two new apps, Cydia and All the data and third party applications remained intact.
So … if you want to take the plunge, remember to back up your iPhone, take it easy and follow instructions.

blogged from my unlocked and jailbroken first generation iPhone, running firmware 2.1