Treo and Centro News : Green, Rose and Blue

Just a bit of Palm news, so that you don’t think we’re turning all iPhone over here :-) First off, Sprint is rumoured to shortly release two new versions of the Palm Centro : Green and Rose. This was discovered by r0fl of the SprintUsers forum.
Sprint Centro Green and Rose

I’ve never really understood why Palm (and other brands, too) make their phones in slightly different colours for each mobile operator. Other than the colours, the phones are identical. Sure, carriers may like to differentiate between their version of a specific phone. A blue Sprint Centro may be different in colour to a blue AT&T Centro, but that’s not a really good way to tell them apart. Besides, there’s the obvious carrier logo on the phone, too.

If Green or Rose (a deep pink) rock your boat, expect to get these Centro smartphones from Sprint sometime in October.

Telstra Treo Pro

Meanwhile, in Australia, Telstra has given the new Treo Pro their Blue Tick of approval. This is not a blue insect, but rather an accreditation and recommendation for use in metro, rural and regional areas. Telstra will offer the Treo Pro for use on their 3G network (called Next G) soon, with unlocked versions to be made available in November.