Treo Pro update and Review Round up

Despite being announced at around the same time as the iPhone 3G release, the Palm Treo Pro has been getting quite a bit of attention. Palm has released an update to the new Windows Mobile device, which is supposed to help with issues when connecting USB devices or with charging your battery.

In the meantime, the reviews have been coming in. Overall, the Treo Pro gains praise for its slim form factor, good looks and full features. Ah, if only it ran the new Palm OS Nova…

On to the reviews :
“I can already tell you that it’s going to be nearly impossible for me not to switch to the Treo Pro as it offers such a huge leap in performance and mobile experience…The Treo Pro smartphone highlights the single most important milestone yet in Palm’s ongoing corporate transformation and opens a completely new door to a much brighter future.” – Andrew from Treonauts

“If you’re looking for a Windows Mobile phone, I’d strongly consider the Treo Pro, as it has a good balance of design, features and performance for the user.” – Gizmodo

“Enterprise users would do well to take a good look at this shrewdly updated, professional Treo … easily my favorite Palm handset release in the past two years.” – PC Magazine

“The Treo Pro is easily Palm’s best Treo yet. It finally hits all of the feature checkmarks that users have been clamoring for and does it in a way that’s well integrated with the hardware.” – TreoCentral

“(Palm’s) most feature-complete smartphone yet, with 3G support, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and a GPS receiver.” – Brighthand