Palm preparing a new third line of smartphones

Seidio Ultimate Screen Guard for Palm Centro

It’s been a while since we mentioned anything about the new Palm OS 2.0, codenamed Nova. The reason? There hasn’t been any news at all about it lately. APC Magazine caught up with Palm CEO Ed Colligan during the Australian launch of the Palm Centro. The interview with Colligan gives some insight about what’s happening with Nova.

Overall, Colligan is very optimistic about Palm’s prospects. He says, “rumours of the demise of Palm would be greatly exaggerated.” Palm will roll out Nova on a new line of “prosumer” smartphones which sits between the Centro and the Treo.

This is how I imagine the Palm smartphone line-up would look like :

1. Centro with Palm OS Garnet
2. New prosumer smartphones with Palm OS Nova
3. Treo with Windows Mobile

Palm also apparently has not given up on the Foleo concept — although by now the companion sub-notebook position has been firmly owned by Asus with the Eee PC. Many other PC manufacturers are also getting into the game, including heavyweights like Dell and Acer.