More goodies for iPhone users

Silicone Skin Case with Ribbed Sides for Apple iPhone (Black)

It’s just a little over a month to Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in June. The big thing about WWDC this year, is the speculation that Apple will announce the super duper, second generation iPhone that will run on 3G network, will have built-in GPS and will make your coffee for you. In the meantime, here are a couple pieces of good news for the iPhone user.

Google has a pretty good iPhone-specific user interface, which I use a lot. The latest addition to Google’s iPhone arsenal is Google News. Google News is like a meta-newspaper which aggregates content from many news sources. The unique feature of Google News is that all the news stories are selected and positioned automatically — there’s no (human) editorial intervention. Also new on the Google front are localised versions of the Google iPhone interface. You can now get the new “integrated Google experience” for the iPhone (and the iPod Touch) in 33 new markets and 16 new languages, from Argentina to New Zealand, from Swedish to Chinese.

For iPhone users in the US who are still with AT&T, you’re in luck. AT&T has added iPhone users to the list of their customers who can get WiFi access for free at many AT&T Hotspots. These include locations such as Barnes & Noble and Starbucks (which AT&T wrestled away from T-Mobile). In order to get free Internet access, just connect to the hotspot using your iPhone and enter your iPhone number.