Treo 500v review : a soulless smartphone

Treo 500v

Are you considering the new Treo 500v smartphone from Palm? Tim Carroll of PalmInfocenter has a fairly long and comprehensive review of the new Windows Mobile device. The Treo 500v is designed as an entry-level smartphone running Windows Mobile. Like its Palm OS counterpart the Centro, it has its hits and misses.

The Treo 500v weighs about the same as the Centro, but is wider and thinner. This smartphone represents a few firsts on a Treo :
- first “widescreen” (320×240)
- first with Bluetooth 2.0
- first with 2.0 megapixel camera
- first with “Orgasm Tones” (what??!)

Tim’s final verdict is not too positive. Basically there’s nothing really unique about this Treo that makes it stand out against many other Windows Mobile smartphones. This conclusion is quite worrying. We are facing the whole of next year without a smartphone running the new Palm Linux OS. Palm will depend on Windows Mobile to drive its 2008 smartphones — if it can’t differentiate, then it won’t be able to compete in a crowded market.