Palm Foleo delayed?

Some potentially bad news coming in for Palm. Deutsche Bank analyst Johnathan Goldberg has released a short note which says that the Palm Foleo mobile companion device will be facing delays. The new device, which was expected to be released this week, is now expected to be available only in September or October.

The delay is attributed to software problems, specifically synchronization with most models of Treo smartphones. Considering that the entire Foleo concept revolves around seamless integration with smartphones, this is a major setback indeed. Palm has faced a lot of criticism in the past few months, especially with the Foleo. I personally feel that Jeff Hawkins let us down on this end — he could have done better, with his track record.

Earlier this week, Engadget Managing Editor Peter Rojas wrote a long open letter to Palm, bemoaming Palm’s recent lack of innovation and giving some good suggestions on where Palm could improve its future devices. I agree with Peter on how far Palm has fallen : “… from being the respected underdog and innovator to repeat offender in stale gear”.

Get your act together, Palm. Time is running out.

[ via Engadget ]