Confirmed : Windows Mobile 6 coming to Treo 750

Palm Treo 750 Pocket PC Phone (QWERTY)
Palm has announced that they will be doing an update for the Treo 750 series smartphones to run Windows Mobile 6. Microsoft took a while to come up with a good mobile operating system, and I believe that Windows Mobile 6 is a progressive step in the right direction. What’s really surprising is the fact that Palm is offering this update at all. In the past, Palm has never made available a major OS update for any of their smartphones or PDAs. I guess this is an indication of how closely Palm and Microsoft has worked together. They probably had early versions of Windows Mobile 6 running on the Treo 750s even before they were released with Windows Mobile 5.

The next Windows Mobile Treo from Palm should match (or surpass) the Palm OS ones at least in terms of hardware. The one feature that a lot of Treo 750 users wish for is the high resolution screen (320×320, equivalent to Treo 650/680) which Windows Mobile 6 supports.

Palm has not announced any prices for the Windows Mobile 6 upgrade, but it will most probably not be free.