Rumour : next Treo 650 firmware update

palmOne Treo 650 PDA Phone (Cingular)

Jimmie at Gadgets On The Go has tells us about a rumour of the next major Treo 650 firmware update, which is supposed to come out shortly after the Sprint Treo 700p. At first glance, it really looks like a “wish list” – everything that Treo 650 users have been asking for a while. Let’s hope Palm goes through with this. They should look to Apple as an example, where continuous firmware upgrades have kept the older models of iPods almost at par (feature-wise) with the new ones.

So what’s supposedly in this update?
- New application: “Blackberry Connect” to ease installation and configuration of BBConnect clients.
- New application: “MobiTV” (Cingular only customization).
- FAT32 support (Allows use of the new 4GB SD cards)
- Updated Bluetooth support. (New handsfree devices)
- Pocket Tunes will replace Realplayer
- WiFi drivers for Palm’s WiFi card
- Drive Mode support (Allows your device to function as a USB SD card reader.)
- Will free up usable memory by compressing the ROM image
- Blazer update to support additional fonts
- Will add Palm’s file explorer
- Launcher updates. Will add new memory management features in order to increase the efficiency and improve the useability of running applications off of an expansion card
- Firmware update will also enable future “over the air” firmware updates.
- Updated AddIT client to support buying and installing third party application software over the built in wireless data link.”