FREE CTU Ringtone from the TV series 24 for smartphones, Treo and iPhone (Updated)

It’s not a secret that I’m a fan of the TV series 24. Jack Bauer saves the world with the help of a Palm Treo 650 smartphone – what’s cooler than that? The default ring tone in my Treo 650 is the same one used by CTU (Counter-Terrorist Unit) in the TV series. It’s actually the ring tone for Cisco IP phones.

You want it? Here you go ( There are three files in the Zip archive – MIDI, MP3 and PDB format. Right click to save the link to your PC (Ctrl-Click on the Mac). You can send the files to your Treo 650 from your PC via Bluetooth.

Update : Now that I have an iPhone, the normal ring tone doesn’t work for me. If you have an iPhone, here’s the CTU ringtone in iPhone (.m4r format) : ctu-ringtone-iphone (zipped file).

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