Samsung Galaxy S4 arrives, doesn’t impress much


Samsung just unveiled their latest flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S4. This is the successor to the immensely popular Galaxy S3, which gave Samsung a true iPhone competitor. The S4, it seems, is not quite revolutionary, but evolutionary — more like the jump to iPhone 4S from the iPhone 4, rather than the jump to the iPhone 5 from iPhone 4S.
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MakerBot Digitizer – Desktop 3D scanner

Makerbot Digitizer

MakerBot, creator of the popular desktop 3D printer “robot” called the Replicator, has unveiled their next project.  The Replicator and other desktop 3D printers have lowered down the cost of creating your own objects.  Basically, anything you can imagine and design, you can print and create. The MakerBot Digitizer is designed to do the opposite – take any physical object and turn it into a digital object (for storage, distribution and replication).
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